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Please accept this image from our chairs we purchased last year. We live in Oregon above the Oxbow of the Sandy River, near the Columbia River. These chairs are as well built and beautiful as you said they would be. I am trying to decide where I can do more of them.
— Michael Mckeel

About Us

Our story about master craftsmanship... a family tradition since 1955.


The history of the Best Adirondack Chair began in 1955 when Gérard Bruneau decided to supplement his income by making quality garden swings.

As time progressed, Mr. Bruneau began making other wood furniture slowly amassing hundreds of quality pieces of furniture for many happy and satisfied clients. As Gérard worked in his workshop, his young and curious son, François, attentively watched his father and slowly learned the craft of furniture making.

In 1982, in association with his son François, the venture changed from a sideline business to a full-time operation, manufacturing the best in Adirondack chairs and swings.

In 1999 DFC Woodoworks went high tech and joined other manufacturers online who provide quality merchandise to the global market.

The Best Adirondack Chair became a huge success with sales throughout United States, Canada, and to countries overseas as far away as Holland and England.

Part of our key to success is our commitment to customer service through our 10 day Full Refund Policy, our 10 Year Written Guarantee on Workmanship, and most importantly, our commitment to consistently creating a quality product.

We listen to our customers and are constantly striving to improve our products while adding new items to provide for our customer’s needs.