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Good Afternoon Allison!!! Hope you had a nice, relaxing holiday yesterday! I have some AWESOME news for you! We received our absolutely beautiful chairs yesterday (Monday, August 1, 2016)!!!! You were right - they were certainly worth the wait! Positively FABULOUS! I emailed you regarding those headrests which you guys are so generous to give us. We chose the Wild Grasses, as they will complement our home and amazing new chairs perfectly!!! I cannot thank you enough for all your patience with me! Please know how much I appreciate all the emails you’ve sent and the discounts and free stuff you are providing. The ultimate in customer service, not to mention the most fantastic chairs EVER!!!!! When we get the table and headrests, I plan on taking photos and sending them your way… I want to share our joy to you in Canada from here in the Dirty Jerz!!!
— Kim Hindman

Assembly Sheets

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  For folding instructions for your Adirondack chair!


For Royal/ Grand Adirondack Chair Assembly Instructions


  For Classic Adirondack Chair Assembly Instructions


  For Ottoman/ Footrest Assembly Instructions


  For Reclining Adirondack Chair Assembly Instructions

For 24" Round Table Assembly Instructions