Adirondack Chairs

Classic Adirondack Cottage Chair

Picture of Classic Adirondack Cottage Chair
From From $249.00 (USD)

Royal Adirondack Chair

Picture of Royal Adirondack Chair
From From $275.00 (USD)

New 4 Position Reclining & Folding Adirondack Chair

Picture of New 4 Position Reclining & Folding Adirondack Chair
From From $345.00 (USD)

The Royal Rideau Chair

Picture of The Royal Rideau Chair
From From $349.99 (USD)

Grand Adirondack Chair

Picture of Grand Adirondack Chair
From From $315.00 (USD)

Settee Love Seat

Picture of Settee Love Seat
From From $675.00 (USD)

Double Adirondack Chair (Tête-a-Tête)

Picture of Double Adirondack Chair (Tête-a-Tête)
From From $745.00 (USD)

Child Adirondack Chair

Picture of Child Adirondack Chair
From From $215.00 (USD)

Sandal Chair

Picture of Sandal Chair
From From $285.00 (USD)

Royal "Lake Simcoe" Lawn Chair

Picture of Royal "Lake Simcoe" Lawn Chair
From From $275.00 (USD)

Camp Chair

Picture of Camp Chair
From From $159.00 (USD)

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Create lasting memories year after year in a classically beautiful, North American made Adirondack chair. DFC Woodworks has created top of the line, solid wood Adirondack chairs for 60 years, infusing great care and precision hand craftsmanship into each and every hand crafted Adirondack chair, table, and more. As experienced craftsmen we have the ability to create quality Adirondack chairs in a number of different style types or even customize your outdoor furniture.

Someof Our Most Popular Adirondack Chair Styles

Our handcrafted classic Adirondack chair features a 20” wide seat and can comfortably accommodate an adult up to 350 pounds. Our clear, Western Red Cedar Adirondack chairs are naturally rot and insect resistant, and will tolerate all climates.

When people imagine the simple beauty of wood Adirondack chairs, the shapely Royal Adirondack chair is likely what comes to mind. Made of 1” clear cedar, this chair has been expertly designed by talented craftsmen and craftswomen to be sturdy in its locked upright position, yet easily folded and stored.

4 Position Folding & Reclining (New Product!)
For added comfort and relaxation, this adjustable version of our popular Royal Adirondack chair can go from a supportive upright to a soothing lounger with ease.

DFC Woodworks offers Adirondack chairs for sale that are suited to larger body types.  The Grand Adirondack chair is specially created for the comfort of individuals 6’3” or larger, this chair can comfortably support up to 600lbs.

Double or Tête-a-Tête
A double version of our Royal Adirondack chair. This wildly popular option comes with two tables which are attached between the chairs. If you wish, a hole can be added to the middle of the tables in order to accommodate an umbrella.

Children’s Adirondack Chairs
A miniature version of our Royal Adirondack chairs, made of thick full 1” Red Cedar, these incredibly sturdy chairs are perfect for children between two and six years old. For an extra special gift, you can add a laser etched name to each chair.

Additional Styles Available, including:

  • Sandal
  • Camp
  • Lake Simcoe
  • Our New Royal Rideau Chair

Whether you’re looking for dark red Adirondack chairs that have been richly stained, chairs finished with a light treatment, or even untreated chairs, at DFC Woodworks we have precisely what you’re looking for.

Browse our categories above to look through our selection of stains and finishes, chairs and sets. We also offer FREE SHIPPING in the continental US and Canada! For more information about our Adirondack / Muskoka chairs feel free to contact us at 1-800-418-1433!