Sleek Lounge Chair

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Unstained Knotted Pine
* Style
Reg. Price: $1,195.00
Buy Now: $655.00 USD
Code: SLCP11
Unstained Cedar
* Style
* Style
Reg. Price: $1,375.00
Buy Now: $749.00 USD
Code: SLCC11
Treated Pine/Cedar
* Style
* Style
* Style
Reg. Price: $1,495.00
Buy Now: $799.00 USD
Code: SLC14-16

Our most comfortable Sleek Lounge Chair!

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The Sleek Lounge is a traditional favorite for sun bathers to those who just want to relax outdoors. Like all our chairs the Sleek Lounge Chair is made of full 1 inch "Clear" (no knots) Western Red Cedar in your choice of Unstained or Treated* in your choice of Light/golden or Dark/mahogany – You can read more about our unique treatment process by checking our treating page for more details.

Here are just a few of our many great features to our Sleek Lounge Chair (or chaise lounge):

  • Made of clear (no knots) Western Red Cedar – impervious to rot or insects
  • Seat and back are contoured – to fit your body without pressure points for maximum long relaxing comfort.
  • Adjusts to 6 different positions for the perfect relaxing angle
  • Rolled back for esthetic beauty

Space requirement for the Lounge is 22" X 75".

Add an end table for a complete outdoor set.


Our Sleek Lounge Chair is fully adjustable to 6 different positions and without arm rests it allows for more reclining comfort.
It is also easier to get into and out of than more traditional lounge chairs. It's sleek line is esthetically beautiful and our trademark rolled back adds to the overall look.

Compare the Sleek and the Deluxe Lounge chairs!



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