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Handmade Headrest Cushion
* Textile
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Introducing our Adjustable Handmade 

Headrest Cushion

A simple, yet elegant piece that allows for both additional comfort and design.


To make the chair more comfortable we offer a handmade cushion to rest your head on. The Heads Up Chair Wear cushion is fabricated in a "D" shape providing the best cushion for the neck. It is 12" long by 6" wide by a 3" radius for that optimum comfort no matter how tall you are as it will adjust to almost any height! 

It is adjustable for your neck by means of a tab that hangs over the back of the chair. How does it stay there? There's a decorative rust proof weight to counterbalance the weight of the cushion. That's it! 

Simple and elegant. The foam insert is soft but firm enough to offer great support. It is covered in fun and colourful weather-resistant fabric with lots of choices to personalize your outdoor d├ęcor. Our cushions are handmade in Ontario, Canada

Choose from one of the many textiles we offer!




Our cushions on Treated Light chairs. (Knotted)


Our cushions on Treated Dark chairs!


Care and Cleaning: The cover is removable to wash and for drying using the zipper. Hand wash in warm water with mild soap and no abrasion. Air dry. Protect from rain for greater longevity. If it becomes soaked from rain remove the cover and air dry the foam and cover for best practices.

Protective Qualities: The fabric is 100% polyester and is water and fade resistant.  

Dimensions: 12" long by 6" wide by a 3" The tab measures 14" long x 5" wide

Headrest cushions will be shipped out with chair orders or shipped with next shipment if ordered separately.