The Adirondack Chair Gets a Much-Needed Upgrade

The Adirondack Chair Gets a Much-Needed UpgradeFor decades, the Adirondack chair has reigned supreme as the finest and most stylish type of outdoor, summer seating. Taking its name from the Adirondacks area of New York State, where it first emerged as a durable, comfortable and attractive way to sit outside and savor the scenery, it has spread to almost all corners of the continent (and many other parts of the world).

Lots of DIY enthusiasts share plans for making their own chairs along with the side tables and foot stools that can allow them to create truly irresistible outdoor living spaces, and it is astonishing to see how many different profiles, designs and looks can be achieved.

While this makes it possible for almost anyone to have an Adirondack chair or entire suite of them, almost all (homemade or professionally built) cannot last forever. In fact, many Adirondacks need seasonal or periodic maintenance to continue offering their good looks and good service.

Basic Maintenance

If you were to look at the different websites offering tips for extending the life of outdoor furniture, and particularly Adirondack furniture, you would discover a few simple truths:

• Even when built from rot and insect-resistant woods, Adirondack chairs require some help combatting their natural enemies

• When an Adirondack chair is purchased “unfinished” it will definitely not last as long as one that is stained, painted or sealed (high gloss, two coat finishes are the best), though it will look beautiful when it starts to naturally age

• Finished Adirondack chairs (no matter what type of wood) are going to need to be re-painted, re-stained and/or re-sealed every five years or so. Though weather and exposure in your area cause this figure to vary, most benefit from at least one update or touchup every five years

• Adirondacks in a damper climate also need some sort of mold inhibitor, and those that are left in full sun in hot climates may need a finish that includes a UV protectant

• All chairs require a seasonal cleaning. This is best done with a pressure washer and a soft brush. Using a wood cleaner is helpful and is beneficial every few weeks.

• No matter what sort of wood any Adirondack is made from, it is going to benefit from winter storage in a dry spot where mold will not be an issue

That is a great deal more work than many initially realize, though it is far less than any other type of outdoor furniture.

However, for those who want an almost care-free experience, the all-new line of Lifetime Polytuf chairs and tables from The Best Adirondack Chair is a fantastic solution.

The Lifetime Polytuf Solution

Whether you want the Evermore Classic, Evermore Royal, Evermore Reclining or Evermore Grand Adirondack styles, you can now find them (along with the 24” Evermore Round Side Table) made from the 100% recycled PolyTuf plastic. The chairs have the same look and identical designs as wooden furniture, but offer a lifetime guarantee and zero maintenance. They are foldable for easy storage, come almost entirely assembled, are fade proof, feature stainless hardware that never rusts, and will allow you the most carefree experience of any Adirondack chair on the market!

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Sprucing Up a Front Porch

Sprucing Up a Front PorchEveryone knows that a kitchen is the heart of a home, and if that is true, the front porch must be the window into the soul of the house. A front porch is definitely part of the home’s curb appeal, and it is the first connection your visitors and neighbors will have to your property.

Since the front porch acts like your calling card, it is important that you don’t neglect it. You can give your front porch some serious style in one weekend’s time, and it will act as the echo of your home’s interior elegance and style. One important thing to remember is to keep your porch decor reminiscent of the style inside. If you have a super modern living space, you don’t want to have a tropical boho paradise on your front porch. It makes for a jarring transition.

Tips for a Small Front Porch

When you have a small front porch, you don’t have much floor space to work with which means you won’t be able to do much of anything in the way of furniture. You will want to utilize your vertical spaces to give your home some front-facing flair.

The Front Door: Use your front door to showcase some personality. Give it a new coat of high-gloss paint in a color that will contrast nicely with your siding. For instance, give a white house a bold red door or a gray house a deep plum colored front door. The color will pop, and the high-gloss paint will lend an air of elegance.
The Hardware: There are a few pieces of hardware that you can play with on the front of your house: the address numbers, the doorknob, and the door knocker. Switch these items out to a style that matches your loo. You can go bold, modern, eclectic, or elegant. There are so many choices!
The Art: If you have space for some outdoor artwork or sculptures, they can be a lovely addition to your front porch. You can even use plants or topiaries to lend more stylistic cues.

Tips for a Large Front Porch

If you have a larger or even a wraparound front porch, you have a lot more space to design. Here is where you can add in furniture choices to your outdoor decor. You will still want to visit the tips from the small front porch like painting your door and upgrading your hardware, but you also have additional things that you can do.
The Furniture: You will want to treat your large front porch like additional living space. Add furniture that is comfortable and stylish. One excellent choice for a front porch is the Adirondack chair. It is a classic style that compliments any type of design. Plus, it comes in many different colors.
The Rug: Adding an outdoor rug can really tie the space together and give it an inviting feeling. Make sure that you choose a material that can withstand the elements and is the proper size for the space that you have available.
The Accents: Here is where you can have a little fun and add in your creativity. You can match throw pillows to your front door or add in pieces of artwork, or add seasonal plantings inside urns on either side of your front door or steps.

When you are ready to decorate your front porch, don’t forget to stop by the Best Adirondack Chairs website to see which of our handcrafted items will perfectly compliment your space.

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The History of the Adirondack Chair

6When you think of relaxing outdoors on your patio or deck, you often imagine yourself sitting in those famous Adirondack chairs. They are an ideal addition to an outdoor space because they are comfortable, stylish, and durable. But…where did they come from? This instantly recognizable style had to come from somewhere, right?

Introducing Thomas Lee

The very first Adirondack chair was created in the year 1903 by a gentleman named Thomas Lee. Lee was attempting to outfit his Westport, New York country cottage, and he just couldn’t seem to find any comfortable outdoor furniture styles that he liked or thought would be suitable.

A Partnership Forms

A local Westport carpenter, Harry Bunnell, was a friend and hunting buddy of Thomas Lee. Bunnell was looking for a little side work since it was the off-season, and Lee encouraged him to make a few of his prototype chairs. Bunnell recognized a good thing when he saw it, so he went ahead and applied for a patent on the design without telling Thomas Lee. Bunnell received his patent in 1905, and he made a pretty penny selling what he called a Westport Chair which he made out of hickory or hemlock. Lee never received any of the profits from Bunnell’s enterprise, but it is unknown whether he even asked for any compensation for the essentially stolen design.

An Evolution Occurs

Over the following hundred years, the chair has been adapted over and over again. The chair that you generally see now has three to seven slats making up the backrest instead of the single piece of knot-free wood on the original prototype. This is due to the fact that finding such a large piece of knot-free wood can prove difficult and expensive. It is much easier to manufacture the slats instead. Also, many of today’s chairs are often made out of a less expensive pine or even plastic or recycled materials.


No matter the original origins and designs, the modern Adirondack chair has become remarkably popular. This is no surprise however because the simple, clean lines are comfortable and look great in just about any setting. They are unpretentious and can be right at home in a rustic cabin, but they are also chic enough to belong on the porch of a Hamptons-style estate.

Looking Back

For whatever reason, Thomas Lee didn’t think the wicker garden furniture or the wrought iron outdoor furniture that was popular during his time was acceptable for his New York cottage. And while we may never know why he didn’t appreciate those styles, we can all appreciate the glorious chair that was created instead! Born out of necessity, this classic chair has become a standard in outdoor living.

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, we take as much pride in our chairs as Thomas Lee did in his. The cedar chairs that we produce come with a 10-year workmanship guarantee. We have been making them since 1955, and we are confident that you will love your beautiful hand-crafted Adirondack chair.

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Refreshing Your Patio For Enjoying the Spring

Refreshing Your Patio For Enjoying the SpringWhile it may still be early in the winter season, it never hurts to start thinking ahead to when the warmer weather starts creeping in. Once the sunshine hits and your yard starts to thaw, you will want to be able to enjoy the milder days by relaxing on your patio. That is why you don’t want to wait until the weather breaks to make your patio plans! Here are four things that you can do to refresh your patio this year:

1. Find a Nice Rug. Area rugs aren’t limited to your indoor spaces. It is a very cost-effective way to spruce up your cement or tile patio. Plus, it adds a little softness and comfort which makes your patio feel more like extended living space. Your outdoor rug can be made of many different materials like sisal, hemp, jute, seagrass, and plastic. Many of them can be washed off with a water hose which makes them especially easy to care for.

2. Add Some Green. Your patio is already an outdoor space, but it can always use a little extra greenery. Adding low-maintenance plants is a great way to give it a polished look without too much effort on your part. Plants can be added on your side tables or you can hang them. If you really want to make your greenery work for you, you can try installing a small herb garden. Then your plants can double as part of your meal-planning too!

3. Upgrade Your Seating. While there are plenty of seating options that suit a patio, one option is both super stylish and great for relaxing: the Adirondack Chair! There are plenty of different styles and models which means you can create a look that perfectly suits you. Whether you go with the Classic or the Settee Loveseat, you will find that you are spending every balmy day relaxing in your handcrafted heirloom quality chairs!

4. Throw in Some Accents. There are so many little accent pieces that you can add to your patio to flesh out the design. Just like you do inside your house, you will want to strategically place a few accessories and pops of color to give your patio a bit of personality. Candles, quirky planters, and outdoor throw pillows can give your patio a punch of character.

When you are ready to start your patio refresh, don’t forget to head to our site to purchase your Adirondack chairs! All of our cedar products come with a 10-year guarantee! This pride in our craftsmanship is why we have been in business since 1955, and are still going strong today. Our chairs are hand-crafted and made with the finest woods that the US and Canada have to offer. The Western Red Cedar that we use is naturally insect resistant and doesn’t rot even in wet weather.

Not only do we offer a premium product, but we also extend that pride to our customer service as well. We believe in treating our customers as a part of our family, and it shows each and every time you interact with us. Contact us today to discuss your Adirondack needs!

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The Ideal Gift for that Person Who Has It All

The Ideal Gift for that Person Who Has It AllDo you have one or more of “those” people on your holiday gift-buying list? You know, the ones who already have everything and don’t seem to need anything. The latest electronic gadget or kitchen gear, the best clothing, the latest books, and everything else you can think of is already inside of their home. That can make it nearly impossible to find something that will make them say “Wow!” and really appreciate the effort you made. Yet, there is a great answer: An Adirondack chair (or two).

Why a Chair Makes a Good Gift

Now, before you wrinkle your nose and say, “Well, that is just too big for me to haul around” or “What would they do with a chair like that?” Give us a few minutes to point out the pros of these chairs as gifts:

• They are made by hand
• They are made from premium materials such as Western Red Cedar
• They are comfortable for people of any age, height, or size
• They are actually ergonomic!
• They are sustainably made
• They last for many years, with some being designed as “forever” chairs
• They can be customized with laser etching
• They can be affordably delivered to the recipient OR you can give them a gift card for the chair of their choice
• They can include garden and porch swings along with classic designs
• You can purchase accessories as gifts over the coming years
• They can be used indoors or outdoors
• You can find them in customizable designs
• They are available as complete sets

As you can see, it just makes sense to consider one of these wonderful and iconic chairs as the gift for that individual or couple that already seems to have everything. And whether it is a single chair or a set with a side table and footrests, it is quite likely they are going to silently think of you and thank you whenever they slide back into total comfort wherever they place the chair.

The Historian’s Favorite

Keep in mind that the history of an Adirondack chair goes back a very long way, and the design is actually quite iconic. It takes its name from the region of New York State where it was first designed, and it could be a great gift for that person who loves old houses, old design and anything historic, too. They might love to set out one of these chairs year after year, retelling people about the history associated with them, or just thinking about it themselves. There are not many pieces of furniture that have such reputations or backgrounds, and so you would also be starting a tradition in someone’s home!

There are scores of reasons to give someone on your holiday gift list an Adirondack chair, but one of the best might be that they are just good-looking and super-comfortable chairs that will last a lifetime.

At The Best Adirondack Chair, you can find a huge array of options and send a chair and accessories to a recipient or send them a gift certificate and let them pick out their own seating!

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Which Adirondack Chair Accessories Are Essential?

Which Adirondack Chair Accessories Are Essential?Quite a number of years ago, we looked at ways you can enhance and maximize your lounging experience by pairing up your seat with some of the best Adirondack chair accessories. We decided to revisit the idea of accessories for Adirondacks, and look at which of them should be seen as “essential”.

After all, you can enjoy a long and relaxing time in an Adirondack chair, but pair it with a matching ottoman and you have the ultimate recipe for lounging bliss!

The Basics

So, when you think of the accessories for these classic chairs, what is it you envision? We just mentioned the footrest or ottoman, but what other accessories seem essential? We suggest:

Side tables

If you take a look at any patio sets that feature Adirondack chairs as their key elements, they always feature some sort of side table. Whether circular or oval, they are an essential accessory when you are going to use more than a single chair. Even if you are setting out a solo chair n the lawn, the porch or indoors, it is great to have a side table available, and why not choose one that matches the esthetic of the chair? Yes, most Adirondack chairs have those gorgeous, wide armrests and you can (feasibly) use them to hold a cup or glass among other things, but why? Those armrests are just that – rests for the arms! Invest in side tables and get the most out of the chairs.

Cup and glass holders

If you are uninterested in side tables (and lots of people do not want to set tables outdoors), you can upgrade your Adirondack hairs with wine glass holders or more traditional cup holders. These are attached to the far end and undersides of the armrests and then they swing out for use. They give you a place to keep your beverage within easy reach, and all without interfering with the comfort of those roomy armrests. Made in the same wood as the chair, they are hardly noticeable when tucked out of sight.


While we don’t advise you use cushions on the chairs themselves since they are designed for optimal comfort “as is”, a lot of people like a bit of support at the head and neck. The relaxing angle of an Adirondack is meant to ensure you take a rather reclined pose. Yet, if you are having conversation or gazing around at the scenery, you may find that a cozy cushion just behind the head is the ideal and essential accessory.

If you are eager to perfectly accessorize your Adirondack Chairs or patio set, The Best Adirondack Chair has a wide array of options. Available in a number of woods, the ottomans, footrests, tables and drinks holders are the perfect way to upgrade your seating. And whether you are putting your chairs to use indoors or out, adding coordinating pieces or accents and accessories helps to create a more cohesive look that highlights without over accentuating the beauty of the Adirondack style.

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Decorating With Adirondack Rocking Chairs

Decorating With Adirondack Rocking ChairsAsk interior decorators and designers from all parts of the globe about the right chair for bringing instant “comfort” into a room or living space and most will point to the rocking chair. As one design professional has said, “Something about a rocking chair just invites you to sit down and relax, making [them] the ideal pieces to add to nearly any area of your living quarters. Today, rocking chairs are made in a variety of styles, from the classic to the contemporary…After decorating with rocking chairs, you just may find yourself taking a few extra moments to relax.”

Yet, rocking chairs are found in any number of styles and designs. They are made of different materials and even in different shapes, and some can serve indoors as well as outdoors. The Adirondack Rocking Chair, as an example is the most iconic shape turned into a super comfortable seat for many kinds of décor or settings.

Placed on a front porch of a cabin or summer home, tucked into a larger living room with stone fireplace, or painted or stained a lovely shade, it could even work well in a nursery or bedroom.

The Adirondack Chair Redefined

Traditionally, Adirondack chairs are defined by frames that use long, horizontally positioned legs to give tons of stability. With a reclining backrest and sloped seat, they offer tremendous comfort and are one of the most preferred styles of outdoor seating.

When turned into rockers, they retain most of their original design elements. Owners still get the graceful and tall backrest that offers optimal support, the roomy armrests ideal for sitting upright or using as a perfect place to perch a book or even a beverage (unless you are rocking, of course!), and the larger proportions. The difference comes with the graceful curves of the rockers. When properly made, the chairs have beautiful curves, and the rockers emphasize this with their taller height and bulkier proportions that ensure optimal balance, stability and no risk of tipping when rocking backward or forward.

How to Use an Adirondack Rocking Chair

Experts all recommend the use of a rocking chair, noting that wooden chairs, such as Adirondack styles can be “stained or painted to match any room colors. Painting a rocking chair in white or light gray colors is a nice way to create bright room decorating and match your home decor color palette… bright colors add bold accents [and] match the door and window casing in your home, creating harmonious room decorating.”

Simply put, you can stain or paint them to coordinate with other wooden elements or you can use them as standalone pieces, painted in contracting or bolder hues that add pops of both color and style.

Naturally, you want to invest in the highest quality pieces to get many years of enjoyment, and The Best Adirondack Chair is a flawless resource for any number of styles along with components such as tables, full-sized lounges, and rocking chairs, too.

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4 Things to Look for When Purchasing Adirondack Chairs

4 Things to Look for When Purchasing Adirondack ChairsThere’s nothing quite like the timeless design and comfort offered by an Adirondack chair. They offer classic good looks, clean lines, and deliver an unmistakable message of relaxation and enjoyment. Whether you’re furnishing a back deck, looking for seating to place around your outdoor firepit, or want to make sure that you can enjoy your backyard to the fullest extent during the warmer months of the year, there are few options that compare. However, you do need to ensure that you’re making a savvy, informed decision when buying Adirondack chairs. Here are four things to look for to guarantee an informed purchase.

1. A Guarantee of Handcrafting

While you can certainly find mass-produced Adirondack chairs on the market, they are not the wisest choice. Many are made from cheap plastic or composite materials. Even those that are made from wood are manufactured from inferior species. Look for a guarantee that the chairs you are considering were handcrafted, and that they were made from high-quality wood, such as Red Cedar. This is about more than mere aesthetics, and speaks directly to longevity, maintenance requirements, and durability.

2. A Range of Models

Another thing to look for when finding a supplier of Adirondack chairs is a range of available models. You should not be limited to one type of chair – you should be able to choose from rigid and adjustable back chairs, as well as accessories like tables, side tables, footrests, and even swings. This ensures that you are able to find the perfect combination of handcrafted furniture to meet your needs and the environment in which you’ll be using the furniture.

3. A Good Return Policy

What happens if you purchase an Adirondack chair, but it is just not what you want? What if you purchase from an online retailer, only to discover that you would prefer something different? Look for a company that can offer a good return policy (around 10 days or so is ample time to determine whether an Adirondack chair is right for you). In addition, you should ensure that the company you choose will actually pay the return freight and offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

4. A Warranty

You’ve purchased your Adirondack chair. You’ve used it for some time, and are currently sitting in it while enjoying the firepit on an early fall evening, when you hear a snap, and feel a slight jerk. Standing up, you discover that one of the boards in the back has broken. What do you do? With the right manufacturer, you’ll have the benefit of a 10-year guarantee so you have nothing to worry about. Of course, if you bought from the wrong company, you’ll likely be in the market for a new chair.

Buying handcrafted, warranty-backed Adirondack chairs from a reputable manufacturer who takes pride in their creations is vital. With the right partner, you can enjoy the timeless beauty and classic comfort of an Adirondack chair for years to come.

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A Most Affordable Decorating Choice: The Adirondack Chair

A Most Affordable Decorating Choice: The Adirondack ChairBy now, almost everyone has heard of Pinterest and paid a visit to see what it is all about. Most find it to be a nearly endless resource for inspiration, particularly in the area of home design. Whether looking for indoor or outdoor looks, you will find a ceaseless parade of suggestions and looks. Among one of the most common of them all where outdoor design is concerned is the use of the “Adirondack chair”.

Named for the region of northern New York State from which they originated, they date all of the way back to the 1860s, and were first meant for those who spent time hunting and fishing in the region. Yet, the chairs’ lines are so elegant and appealing that they quickly made the move from rustic properties to upscale mountain retreats, and were even, as one expert explains, “popular with the extremely wealthy. Their rustic Great Camps, with bowling alleys and cable lines to the New York Stock Exchange, made fanciful use of the local spruce, stone, and birch, and created an architectural style that was the unlikely offspring of the American Arts and Crafts Movement, William Morris, and the Swiss chalet.”

Today, they are considered one of the most comfortable seating options for outdoor, summer spaces. Yet, you still find them in a diversity of colors and styles, and set in any number of locations. They are perfect for an urban terrace as well as a dock in a far northern setting. They work well in a traditional backyard garden or can be set in pretty rows along the front porch of a modern, suburban home.

Affordably Chic

Yet, one of the best things to consider about the use of an Adirondack chair for outdoor settings is that it ends up being one of the most affordable choices imaginable. While some shirk at the upfront costs of a well-made model, it pays to consider the chair’s likely longevity. Lasting decades (and often with little more than a seasonal hosing or scrubbing clean), they may only end up costing a few dollars per year of use. They hold their good looks, resist rot and maintain a classic style whether you toss an updated cushion, a cozy throw or surround them with newer pieces.

Even more appealing is that some premium vendors will allow you to purchase unfinished options, personalize your chairs, or find them in materials and finishes that can almost “last forever”. These same vendors typically offer accessories and matching pieces to allow you to even create entire outdoor design schemes.

At The Best Adirondack Chair Company, you can find an abundance of options that range from the Classic design to the folding and reclining styles, oversized options, custom designs and more. As one of the most (if not the most) enduring styles of outdoor furniture, the Adirondack chair is easily one of the most affordable as well. Buy a chair today and know that you will be happily enjoying it years, or even decades to come!

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The Eternal Appeal of the Adirondack Chair

The Eternal Appeal of the Adirondack ChairAlmost ten years ago, a journalist writing in the popular magazine known as Yankee said that the “history of the Adirondack chair is like a great river–something that started as a rivulet and in time has gathered up shapes and colors and materials as it churns resolutely from the past to the present.” This is a great way to describe the iconic outdoor chair that has become what many feel is a summertime classic. It is, in fact, an outdoor armchair with an angled back and a seat comprised of wide slats and accompanied by impossibly wide armrests; designed for the ultimate in comfort.

That same journalist described the chairs as “destination furniture” and “one-person resorts” you will want to place throughout your property. Of course, the location of the chair is also significant. Designers and everyday people alike have a lot of thoughts about the ideal locations for the Adirondack chair. They are usually thought of exclusively as outdoor seating (though they can look great in three-season rooms, on porches and even in sunnier, garden-style sitting rooms), and are usually on their own or in subtle and small groupings.

Many think of the Adirondack chair as a seat ideal for enjoying a view and so you see them at the end of a dock, at the rise of a hill, or on an open and grassy area where views surround those seated.

They are also well suited to companion pieces and there are now high quality manufacturers of Adirondack chairs making matching ottomans, side tables, love seats, swinging seats and more.

The Flexibility of the Adirondack Chair

Yet, for all of the “must have” elements of a chair, if it hopes to be defined as an Adirondack, there are also a lot of more flexible options. It can be of any color, or entirely without color. It can be from a number of different types of wood, and it can have a range of different sizes and actual designs.

It also has to have the famous back legs that extend and give the chair its amazing amount of stability and balance. Adirondack chairs are never going to topple or go anywhere and will instead provide some of the most solid seating you may experience. As that author said, “They possess their own gravitational field, and they pull you inexorably into their orbit.”

Are they meant for socializing? Many disagree, saying that the reclining angle of the backrest ensures that you relax and disconnect. However, if you put them in a group and around a table, you will attract a full house apt to sit and socialize though the chairs are encouraging reclining.

If this has not convinced you that your garden, yard or porch is in need of at least one Adirondack chair, it is unlikely that much will! Designed to help you maintain personal space in even the most public arenas, the Adirondack chair is the perfect seat for your summer, spring, autumn and even winter needs, and at The Best Adirondack Chair Company you can select from a fine range of options and even find those companion pieces to design your own perfect outdoor destination.

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