Get Outside More Often for Your New Year’s Resolution with a Cozy Adirondack Chair

Get Outside More Often for Your New Year’s Resolution with a Cozy Adirondack ChairNew Year resolutions are always a fun way to consider what you truly want out of life, and to set some goals for achieving just that. One thing that many people want is to start getting outdoors more often. But that is a vague goal that probably won’t help you get the relaxation and adventure that you want from the great outdoors. Here are some ways to get outside more often in the coming months:

Plan Some Hikes – or Just Take a Long Walk

If there’s one thing that holds people back from getting outside, it’s often the feeling that they need to have some special equipment, or that they need to go somewhere amazing. But you can get plenty of fresh air right outside your door, with nothing more than a pair of shoes. Just stretch your legs with a nice long walk around your town. If you want something more intentional, look for the nearest hiking trail to you, and switch out your walking shoes for a decent pair of boots. That’s all you need to fulfill this resolution! When you’ve had your exercise, you can relax your weary muscles in a cozy reclining chair while you soak up the last bit of sun, like the Adjustable Reclining Adirondack.

Give Yourself a Reason to Be Outside

If you struggle to find motivation to go outdoors, why not give yourself an extra reason? Consider taking up photography, or invest in a new hobby like rock climbing. When you want to have fun with your new hobby, you’ll be outside without even trying. Other things you can do to motivate yourself to get outdoors include making a bucket list of places to see, such as all the national parks, or a variety of natural monuments. When you fulfil this bucket list, you’ll be getting outdoor time incidentally. Finally, you can also give yourself motivation by signing up for events that take place outdoors, like charity walks, adventure races, obstacle courses, and more. Look for things that interest you that happen to be outside, and presto! You’re on your way to knocking this resolution out of the park. And if your hobby is something that just requires a good sea, like reading or knitting? Take it outside! Invest in a comfortable spot on your deck, such as an Adirondack Patio Set, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your hobby in the sun.

Take Your Relaxation Time Outdoors

Do you just want to get some sunshine and fresh air without all the effort? Why not just take your relaxation time outside? You can grab a book, or even scroll Twitter on your phone, outside. All you need is a comfortable place to hang out. Consider giving your porch or deck a makeover with a comfortable patio set, like the Singles Royal Adirondack Patio Set. Set your favorite beverage down on the included side table, kick your feet up on the foot rest, and lean back into total comfort as you take in that outdoor ambience. Or make it easy to have some outdoor time with friends and guests with a Classic Garden Swing. This is a fantastic way to while away the hours chatting.

Relaxing outdoors after a long walk or outdoor adventure means you’ll be getting double the outdoor time, and that’s the perfect way to truly fulfil the spirit of this resolution. Create your own oasis this year with The Best Adirondack Chair.

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