The Ideal Gift for that Person Who Has It All

Do you have one or more of “those” people on your holiday gift-buying list? You know, the ones who already have everything and don’t seem to need anything. The latest electronic gadget or kitchen gear, the best clothing, the latest books, and everything else you can think of is already inside of their home. That can make it nearly impossible to find something that will make them say “Wow!” and really appreciate the effort you made. Yet, there is a great answer: An Adirondack chair(or two).

Why a Chair Makes a Good Gift

Now, before you wrinkle your nose and say, “Well, that is just too big for me to haul around” or “What would they do with a chair like that?” Give us a few minutes to point out the pros of these chairs as gifts: • They are made by hand • They are made from premium materials such as Western Red Cedar • They are comfortable for people of any age, height, or size • They are actually ergonomic! • They are sustainably made • They last for many years, with some being designed as “forever” chairs • They can be customized with laser etching • They can be affordably delivered to the recipient OR you can give them a gift card for the chair of their choice • They can include garden and porch swings along with classic designs • You can purchase accessories as gifts over the coming years • They can be used indoors or outdoors • You can find them in customizable designs • They are available as complete sets As you can see, it just makes sense to consider one of these wonderful and iconic chairsas the gift for that individual or couple that already seems to have everything. And whether it is a single chair or a set with a side table and footrests, it is quite likely they are going to silently think of you and thank you whenever they slide back into total comfort wherever they place the chair. If you need more help, read our Adirondack chair buying guide.

The Historian’s Favorite

Keep in mind that the history of an Adirondack chair goes back a very long way, and the design is actually quite iconic. It takes its name from the region of New York State where it was first designed, and it could be a great gift for that person who loves old houses, old design and anything historic, too. They might love to set out one of these chairs year after year, retelling people about the history associated with them, or just thinking about it themselves. There are not many pieces of furniture that have such reputations or backgrounds, and so you would also be starting a tradition in someone’s home! There are scores of reasons to give someone on your holiday gift list an Adirondack chair, but one of the best might be that they are just good-looking and super-comfortable chairs that will last a lifetime. At The Best Adirondack Chair, you can find a huge array of options and send a chair and accessories to a recipient or send them a gift certificate and let them pick out their own seating!