If you look through our product descriptions, you'll see that our Adirondack chairs not only fold, but they lock in place too. You've probably even seen other folding Adirondack furniture, but it may interest you to know that these are merely imitators of our high-quality, innovative products. The truth is, we not only the portability and convenience of a folding chair, but we also offer the lock-in-place feature. This makes it so that, when you sit down or get up, you don't have to worry about the chair folding in on you. Honestly, this is not only a matter of ease and convenience, it's a matter of safety. We make our Adirondack chairs from premium cedar. While cedar is not necessarily a heavy wood, when compared to others, it is still a hardwood. So, if you have a wooden chair folding in on you when you go to sit in it, that's not just a matter of comfort, you can get seriously injured! So, avoid these dangerous imitations and go for the quality original. You'll get a folding Adirondack chair that you'll be able to depend on for a lifetime!