Forever Ipe Grand Adirondack Chair

High-Quality Folding Forever Ipe Grand Adirondack Chair Adirondack Chair

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What's this?info
What's this?info
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If you would like each chair to have a different etching, please add them to your cart one at a time. Please call 1-800-418-1433 or email us if you have any questions. Thank you!

All Pine and Cedar Products made by DFC Woodworks come with a complete
10 year written guarantee on workmanship.

All PolyTuf plastic and IPE furniture come with a Lifetime written guarantee.

Toll-Free Number: 1-800-418-1433

The Forever Grand IPE Brazilian Walnut Adirondack Chair

The only solid wood Commercial Grade Adirondack chair with a Life time Guarantee:

Make sure to check out our videos below and in our video section showing how we tested this fantastic chair!Also make sure you check out the maintenance section at the very bottom of this page.

All of the IPE chairs are shipped "FULY ASSEMBLED" See below for more details.

We also Ship Worldwide. Ask us for a quote**

What is a Forever Grand Adirondack Chair?

We are proud to say that we now have made a chair out of the of the hardest, most durable, and best outdoor wood available on the planet. This chair is made out of Ipe (Pronounced “ee-pay”) or Brazilian Walnut.

This is the same wood that was chosen for its durability and toughness against all the elements for the Atlantic City Boardwalk, the Miami Beach Boardwalk and even around the Treasure Island resort in Las Vegas!

The same wood that is used in these commercial application is also used to make very high quality decks, it is also sometimes called Ironwood

This Tropical hardwoods fantastic durability to the elements makes it a natural choice to make very high quality Adirondack style furniture.

Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for at least 30 years without preservatives! We make sure that all the Ipe wood we buy is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource.

We Only buy and use FSC* / Rainforest Alliance Certified Wood

(FSC*) is: The Forest Stewardship Council

They works to promote responsible forest management worldwide.

Here are some technical specs on Ipe Wood

SpecieAppearanceHardnessBending StrengthDecay Resistance
Ipe An extremely dense, tight grained wood. Generally a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. 3600lbs 22,560 psi Highest rating for insect (termite) and decay resistance. Offers 75+ year lifespan.

This wood has the same fire retardant specs as steel! (TRUE) It is scratch resistant, termite proof and rot proof. It is 3 times heavier than our Cedar Royal chair and at 87lbs or 40kg! It will certainly not blow away! Check out how our friends at Deck Busters tested this Ipe wood:

We use over-sized Stainless Steel Hardware and all the pieces are finely sanded for that extra smooth finish.

Make sure to look at the bottom of this page for maintenance and finishing tips.

Ipe Oil™ is an oil based finish designed to protect hardwood decking like ipe.

Ipe Oil™ will extend your furniture lifespan while also giving it a refreshed and natural look.

It is a low V.O.C. Formula; less than 250 grams per litter specifically designed for superior protection against U.V rays.

Ipe Oil™ also enhances the natural water repellent properties of the Ipe wood to reduce the chances of warps and cracks.

This chair is so tough and durable we have extended our 10-year Guarantee to a....


We Guarantee** you will love this chair!

This chair is so tough and durable that we will guarantee this unique chair for as long as you live and longer! If any piece ever breaks we will send you a free replacement piece. This guarantee will continue even if you pass this chair to your great grandkids! *

We also guarantee your satisfaction or your full money back. We even pay to ship the product back to us at our cost if you are not completely thrilled with this great and very unique chair.


Just repack the chair set and give us a call or email us and we will take care of the pickup and give you a full refund no problem and no worries.

We would not be able to offer this return policy if we did not believe that this is the very Best Adirondack Chair on the market today.

*No need to keep your receipt as we will honour this guarantee with just a picture sent to us. We have been in business since 1955 and we plan on passing this business to our own grandkids one day! We may not be around for our 100th anniversary but this chair will be!

Make it a pair so you can relax in style together!

Engrave Your Forever Adirondack chairs with permanent laser etching for that added personal touch!

Personal laser etching with no limit in text!

Ask us about placing a personal logo or artwork on your chairs!
Check out how we tested the indestructible nature and solidity of this permanent Adirondack chair!

This has not been edited and is real! This may seem a bit of a silly way to test the solidity of this chair but this is the one way we could prove that this chair is really tough!

It is the last Adirondack chair you will ever have to buy and it will be passed on to future generations.

You can view our testing videos here:

As this is the same model design as our cedar Grand Adirondack chair, it will have the same great comfort features listed on our Grand Adirondack chair page.

This chair would be ideal for heavy traffic commercial or resort settings, or for the indiscriminate shopper that wants the very best available.

Check out how it folds for storage during severe storms or during the winter months.

Please note that due to the very heavy nature of this chair we recommend that at least 2 adults are required to transport, move or to fold this chair.

Compare our Western Red Cedar Royal(right) and Our Forever (Ipe) Royal chair.

Upon request we can give you a custom quote for handcrafting other Ipe wood made products.

Maybe you would like a matching footrest, side tables, or even a larger tables or other products.

Just let us know which products you would want to have made and we will provide you with an exact quote with everything made out of forever lasting Ipe wood.

Maintenance Of your new Forever Ipe wood Furniture.

Ipe wood is naturally a very beautiful hardwood. Remember that the original color of all woods will gray out with time when placed in an outdoor environments and exposed to the suns ultra violet rays (UV). This will cause your furniture to turn to a natural silver grey color over time.

Our Ipe furniture can be left outside all year long —in any conditions, and will remain functional for generations to come with no maintenance whatsoever. However, Ipe wood is a natural material subject to changes in the environment. The look and feel of natural Ipe wood is part of the appeal of owning Ipe wood garden furniture. Although Ipe is naturally stable, small checks in the wood surface may appear if the furniture is placed in dry or sunny environments. Superficial checking in no way affects the structural integrity and longevity of your furniture. In some cases the natural resins contained in the Ipe wood, might stain light colored surfaces (composite decking, vinyl, linoleum, carpets etc). We recommends the use of furniture glides to minimize the risk of staining on certain surfaces.

Because Ipe wood is very dense it will not accept stains, varnishes or paints easily as any of these products will not last. So you have two choices. One is to do nothing. The furniture will eventually turn to a natural silver grey. If you then want to get back the "new look" for your furniture then just use a pressure washer and the natural beauty of the wood will be restored.

The second choice would be to apply a natural Ipe oil or paraffin base oil like Penofin Verte. This will bring the natural beauty of the wood to the surface though application may need to be done a few times a year for best results. Check with your Penofin Verte closest dealer They also have rejunavating products to bring back the natural beauty of the wood after it is exposed to the elements. Check with them or with your local paint store to see if they can help as well with other solutions or products.

Production Information

Each piece of furniture is handcrafted to perfection per order. Our production team works around the clock to produce and ship our orders as quickly as possible. With that being said, we refuse to rush our products and lessen our high quality in the name of expediency. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order.

Orders are usually shipped within 4-8 weeks from the time we receive the order (with the exception of our Caramel Color in some instances, depending on wood availability).

Expect longer wait times during our peak seasons (up to 12 weeks) (early spring into the summer)

If you need your furniture sooner

Lifetime Guarantee!

**We are the only manufacturer of High-Quality Adirondack Furniture to not only guarantee all our ipe products for a lifetime, but we also guarantee your satisfaction or your full money back.

We even pay to ship the product back to us at our cost if you are not completely satisfied.



Just repack the chairs and give us a call or email us and we will take care of the pickup and give you a full refund.

You will absolutely love our products, we guarantee it!

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email should your question not be answered below.

Q Do you ship outside of US and Canada?

A. Absolutely! We can ship to anywhere in the world! Our products are being enjoyed the world over. From all over Europe to as far as Japan, New Zealand and the Caribbean just to name a few. Additional shipping charges will apply to all orders outside the continental US or Canada. For an exact quote call 011-613-258-0064. You can also send us an email to to request a shipping quote. Please let us know which product you are interested in and your exact address will be required to give you an exact shipping quote. Shipping Cost can vary greatly depending on shipping method used, quantity of products and locations. They can vary from $200.00 USD to as low as $30.00 USD per chair. All orders and shipping costs are in USD Currency. Prices do not include local taxes and/or local customs duties.

Q Can I buy a product and have it shipped to a different location as a gift?

A. Absolutely! We can ship to whatever address you provide when you place your order. All you have to do is to provide us with an exact name and address and we will take care of it. Ask us how we can provide you with a free customized gift card. We make gift giving easy & fun!

Q What payment methods do you offer?

A. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Personal Checks, Certified Checks or Money Orders. Please note that personal checks can take up to 3 weeks to clear at the bank and no products are shipped until the product is paid for.

Q What is the difference between your Adirondack chairs and other Adirondack chairs on the market?

A. There are many reasons why our Adirondack chairs are superior to other Adirondack chairs on the market today.

  • 1. Curved backs and curved contoured seat – to fit your body without hard edges
  • 2. Lighter back slant – makes the chair easier to get in and out of while still giving maximum relaxing comfort.
  • 3. Back is screwed from behind so your back slats aren't marked and there is no chance of splinters.
  • 4. Made with finished full 1" (5/4) Western Red Cedar guaranteeing sturdiness and stability for years to come.
  • 5. Manufactured and hand sanded by our own local skilled Craftsmen and Women right here in North America.
  • 6. FOLDS – for easier storage & transporting – you can take it anywhere.
  • 7. LOCKS* upright - making it incredibly sturdy and it cannot fold up on you while getting in or out
  • 8. Clear western red cedar – no knots to fall out or cause wood to weaken.
  • 9. ALL solid oversized Stainless Steel Hardware guaranteed to last and not rust.
  • 10. Over 100 screws/bolts in every chair (NO nails, staples, glue). This chair is ruggedly constructed to last generations.
  • 11. Cedar lasts in ALL climates and is naturally rot resistant and insect resistant.
  • 12. NOT a kit. It is shipped 80% pre-assembled with easy to follow photo instructions for final assembly.
  • 13. Every piece is hand-selected for color consistency. Cedar comes in many shades and we hand select every piece so that our products are uniform in color.
  • 14. All of our chairs are ergonomically designed for minimum fatigue and maximum comfort.
  • 15. Our unique treating process were we actually dip all the pieces in a vat and then spray 3 more coats to give a sooth beautiful and lasting finish. We use only the very best stain on the market (Cetol #1 by Sikkens) This stain will not peal, chafe or crack like paints and varnishes.

Q What is your return policy?

A. We realize you are ordering products without getting a chance to try them out first - so we are the ONLY company to offer a NO RISK 10 DAY return policy. If you are not 100% thrilled with your order, WE PAY the return freight and refund you IN FULL . No other company pays the return freight and most charge you a restocking fee on top of that - we are the only company that puts our customer satisfaction first. We would not be able to offer this return policy if we didn't make the Best Adirondack Chair & cedar outdoor furniture on the market today. Just repack the chair or other products and give us a call or slip us an email. We will take care of the pick up at your location and once picked up we will refund you in full. "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" No Special or Hidden Conditions!

Q Why do our chairs "seem" to cost more?

A. ACTUALLY OUR CHAIRS COST LESS than the competition because of their longevity. Our chairs are guaranteed to last at least 10 years but we know from personal experience over the last 55 years since we have been in business that they can last indefinitely as many of our first products built are still being enjoyed today (55 years later). If you buy a $60.00 Adirondack chair that lasts all of one year (which is the average life span of a cheap wooden chair) you could end up spending $1200 over 20 years for just ONE chair. We see this as a huge disservice of your hard earned money when for just a fraction of that cost you can have a quality chair that can last generations to come. These are heirloom quality products built to last. So when considering cost when buying Adirondack chairs keep in mind your long term investment that will be remade each year with the cheaper products. In the long run we can save you thousands on outdoor furniture costs. We guarantee it!

Q How much does shipping cost?

A. Shipping costs in continental North America are determined based on the weight of the items being shipping. A shipping charge will show on the checkout page, or email ( or call us if you wish to get a quote before placing your order. For orders outside the continental US or Canada, additional shipping charges will apply. Call us at 613 258 0064, or if you prefer, email us at and it will be a pleasure to let you know the different shipping options and cost for your location.

What Our Client's Say

  • Our chairs are beautiful and so sturdy! They arrived last week and were easy to assemble. The customer service was outstanding when we had questions. We appreciated the help we got, the friendliness of the staff and the surprises that came with our chairs. Hands down great product and company. Thank you!.....

    Susan Hays Northern Illinois, USA
  • My cigar rocker is now happy! (Image Attached) I can't extress how impressed I am with your company. The tolerences were perfect on the leg and YOUR support has been beyond expectation. Thanks so much and I hope my concerns Please accept this image from our chairs we purchased last year. We live in Oregon above the Oxbow of the Sandy River, near the Columbia River. These chairs are as well built and beautiful as you said they would be........

    Eric Steinson Roanoke Virginia