Important Information

What makes our products different than the rest?

So what makes our products different from the rest and why would a consumer choose ours over the many hundreds of company’s online selling Adirondack chairs?

Original designs

We have continuously improved our products over the years including creating new products to meet the consumer’s needs. They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery – well the competition must love our products to keep imitating them. We were the first company on the internet to offer a folding Adirondack chairs – now many companies offer folding versions. We created our first plus size Adirondack chair a few years ago and were the first company to offer these products specifically designed for the larger population – now there are 3 different companies offering similar products. We created our Royal Adirondack chairs specifically with seniors in mind. It sits up higher off the ground and is easier to get in and out of – We also created an adjustable ottoman that can be used in two different positions to give not only the lounging quality of most Adirondack chairs when used with the Adirondack chairs but it also serves as a bench all by itself providing additional seating for guests.

Unmatched comfort

You need only sit in our chairs to see the biggest difference of all – comfort. Our chairs are ergonomically designed to fit many diverse sizes with the least amount of pressure points allowing muscles to relax in comfort. There are so many design differences (see attached document for design differences) but all of them serve the same purpose – to create a chair that will outlast and will be the most comfortable cedar chair on the market today.

Unheard of return policy

Here is where our competition falls flat every time. We are the ONLY company on the internet that offers a no-risk return policy. We do understand that our customers are buying our products unseen so we want to assure them that it won’t cost them a dime if they aren’t happy with their order. We are the only company that pays the return freight and refunds them in full if unhappy for any reason. We would be foolish to offer this kind of return policy if we weren’t absolutely sure our customers would want to keep everything we make. The competition can’t compete on this level. The average online company makes the consumer pay to ship the product back and then they only refund a portion of the original amount (they keep freight and restocking fees). With the average shipping charges for one way running approximately $30 to $40 per Adirondack chair and most orders are for 2 of them… a customer could be out $60 to $80 to ship it back, plus the original $60 to $80 S&H plus a 10% restocking fee bringing the total to over $150.00 US – and that’s the price to RETURN something you don’t want online. Few ever read the fine print when placing orders online – but that is changing as more consumers are worried about getting what they pay for online. We post our no risk return policy up front for all to see so that they can made educated decisions about what to buy and from whom.

Written Guarantee

The average online store offers a 30 day guarantee which does not cover the cost of shipping the replacement piece and they have so many clauses that the guarantee actually covers nothing in the end and just to make sure the companies don’t have to honour their guarantees, they reserve the right to decline any damage claims. The fine print on guarantees is a joke these days making the customer jump through endless paperwork and red tape in addition to paying more money. We are the only company that offers a simple 10 year written guarantee – meaning if any piece should break or split we will replace any broken piece free of charge for 10 years. We pay to ship the part to the consumer and we make sure that it matches what they originally bought (unstained or treated). No other company stands behind the longevity of their products like we do.

Treatment Available

This is a unique feature that very few companies offer and the few that do offer a very poor painted on version of a finish. Most consumers today who are looking for quality finished outdoor products aren’t looking for something they have to stain themselves – if they wanted a kit they would buy a kit – what they want is something to take out of the box and start using immediately with very little fuss or upkeep. Our treated products fit that consumer need perfectly.Unlike painted products which the paint will bubble and peal off usually within the first year of use – we use the best outdoor stain on the market and our treatment process is second to none. Every piece is hand dipped into a 50 gallon vat of the cetol 1 by Sikkens thus immersing it completely. This immersion process gets into every nook and cranny of the wood sealing it like nothing else can. Once dry it is lightly sanded, cleaned and the second coat is sprayed on. This process is repeated again which creates a beautiful shine to our finish without the use of varnish and other un-breathable finishes which are known for peeling off. Our finish has been known to last anywhere from 4 to 14 years depending on the climate and exposure to the elements with very little maintenance or upkeep. This is a big selling point that most companies over look. They sell only unfinished products which results in more customers looking elsewhere. Since there are very few quality sites around this eventually brings them back to us.

Our Privacy Policy

Consumers are being flooded with emails, spam, and more junk than the traditional mail box ever held and things aren’t getting any better even with the newest anti-spam software packages. Identity theft is on the rise and the concerns of the average consumer is growing. Consumers are no longer willing to risk their confidentiality with most online stores. We protect our customer’s identity by using advanced technology encryption for sensitive information in addition to keeping our customer lists confidential. No one outside our management team has access to our confidential customer information.

Credit Card Fraud

We protect our consumers using the latest and most advanced technology encryption available. We also offer 7 days a week telephone toll free customer service assistance for anyone who does not want to place an order online (which accounts for 30% of online sales across all online industries). We understand the concerns of our customers and it is not uncommon for us to verify with a customer before putting an order through especially if the name on the credit card does not match the name on the order. We have also done our homework on behalf of our customers and will soon be promoting the latest information with regards to credit card online ordering.Visa and MasterCard now offer a 60 day refund policy for online orders. If a consumer does not get what they pay for they can call their credit card company to have the charges reversed. This protects the average consumer against anyone using their credit card without their knowledge and it also protects them from being ripped off by unscrupulous online retail stores. We are sharing this information with our customers because we believe that they have the right to know how they can protect themselves when shopping online. We have gone beyond what everyone else is doing providing essential information for our consumers to help in their decision to buy online.