We take our Green very seriously!

Our Adirondack Chairs are environmentally friendly as a renewable resource. Our wood is purchased from mills that use harvested wood from re-growth saving our old growth forests and natural animal habitats. For every tree removed, two new trees are planted in its place thus renewing our wood supply for generations to come. Wood is also naturally bio-degradable thus do not end up as landfill. Western red cedar can last generations before ending up as wood shavings for your great great great grandchild’s flower bed.

We also share a concern for the health of our families by avoiding woods that are chemically treated (such as pressure treated which has been linked to serious health issues). With all the concerns over health risks out there, worrying about the wood you are sitting on should be the last thing on your mind when relaxing in the great outdoors. After 50 years of making the finest in outdoor cedar furniture we want to assure each generation to come will be able to enjoy a continued healthy outdoor living lifestyle.

Keeping it Green within our Community

The Royal Rideau Chair is a tourism feature that has come out of the Visitor Experience Opportunity Concept or VEOC, as developed by MP Gord Brown and stakeholders in municipalities along the Rideau. Forbes Symon, North Grenville’s Director of Planning and Development, contacted us at DFC Woodworks Inc. with the idea of the Royal Rideau Chair, we couldn’t wait to get started! Using authentic designs from furniture made in our region in the 1850s, the Royal Rideau Chair was created.

In the spirit of keeping it green, we have partnered up with the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation, we will plant 10 trees for every Royal Rideau Chair sold! Get your boots on boys and girls, we have some planting to do!

For more information on Royal Rideau Chair, please see the Royal Rideau Chair or visit the ExploreNorthGrenville.ca